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Engineering Precision Surfaces

Since 1949, Surface Finishes has pioneered the creation and application of industry-leading precision fabrication technology. Leveraging our Advanced Nanoscale Surface Technology™, our engineering team works closely with customers to improve the performance of your parts and develop new products. This includes cost effective services from prototyping to high volume production. Surface Finishes provides custom design, fabrication and finishing services or will make your parts complete from an engineering drawing.

Aurora, Illinois

Surface Finishes specializes in the following fabrication technologies:

These technologies are used to finish a variety of materials including metals, Addison, ILcoatings, glass, ceramics, polymers and single crystal structures. In addition to fabrication, Surface Finishes offers metrology, refurbishment and certification services.

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Surface Finishes has operations in Addison and Aurora, Illinois. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cabot Microelectronics Corporation (NASDAQ:CCMP) www.cabotcmp.com, the world's leading supplier of Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) slurries. Cabot Microelectronics has grown to approximately 1,050 employees on a global basis and about 25% of the company's workforce is dedicated to research and development resulting in a strong IP portfolio, and a solid base of new and legacy products.

Surface Finishes Featured in Design 2 Part Magazine

High Precision Processes Set Surface Finishes Apart

Surface Finishes has developed a process for producing monolithic aluminum mirrors with Angstrom level surface roughness using a proprietary Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) technology.

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