Interferometric and Positioning Mirrors

Interferometric and Positioning Mirrors

Various Interferometric and Positioning Mirrors

Interferometric and Positioning Mirrors

Surface Finishes provides high precision mirrors for your most critical interferometric measurement and positioning applications.

Depending upon your needs, we offer single point point diamond machining to λ/4 and precision lapping to λ/10 flatness.  These operations can be combined with optical polishing to yield a typical surface roughness (Ra) of less than 10 Å.

Surface Finishes provides custom finishing or fabrication services for mirrors produced using a wide variety of materials and coatings including monolithic aluminum, stainless steel, molybdenum, silicon, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, anodized aluminum and nickel.

Interferometric and Positioning Mirrors

Metal Spin Mirror

We also have the ability to produce gold coated mirrors with one of the highest reflectivity ratings in the industry.  This is a special gold coating that was developed in conjunction with one of our key suppliers to offer excellent reflectivity over a broad spectral range.

Interferometric and positioning mirrors produced by Surface Finishes yield the benefits of precise dimensional control, thermal stability and low scatter.


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