Low Scatter, High Precision Mirrors

Low Scatter, High Precision Mirrors

Our ScatterStop™ Mirrors are produced using proprietary chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) technology to yield the highest quality optical surfaces on a variety of materials including silicon, silicon carbide, aluminum, molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, titanium, stainless steel and copper.

Low Scatter, High Precision Mirrors

Round Elliptical Mirrors

We specialize in high precision plano mirrors in round, elliptical, rectangular and custom shapes.  Typical mirror sizes are 1″ to 6″ with 90% clear aperture.  Larger custom mirrors are available in a variety of materials and configurations.

As a result of applying our state-of-the-art CMP technology we are able to generate isotropic surfaces with Angstrom level finishes on a range of materials and coatings.  These high quality finishes, combined with our ability to control flatness to λ/10 rms yields a high precision, low-scatter mirror that can significantly enhance the performance of you optical systems.

Our engineers and craftsmen are standing by to work with you to meet your most challenging needs.  We offer make complete, final finishing and refurbishment services.


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