Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

Precision Finishing and Fabrication Services

Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

Titanium Heart Pump Stator

Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

Surface Finishes has a long history of providing precision finishing and fabrication services to the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.  Our proprietary processes yield the highest quality finishes while maintaining very tight control over dimensional tolerances.

We have the ability to finish stainless steels, tool steels, titanium, cobalt chrome and other materials typically used in medical device and pharmaceutical applications.

Some examples of the types of components that we finish include the following:

  • Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals

    Surgical Inner Ear Mirror

    Surgical mirrors, like the inner ear mirror pictured to the right where we provide an optical quality reflective surface
    on the face of the mirror

  • Tableting mold finishing and refurbishment for the pharmaceutical industry where precise control of mold cavity volume is critical to dosing accuracy
  • Pump components like the heart pump stator pictured to the right where the quality of the finish and the ability to mmaintain tight dimensional control are critical to the performance and longevity of the pump
  • Substrates for microfluidics, where flatness and control of the cavity volumes is critical to achieving proper fluid flow
  • Replicated optics where we fabricate the replication template


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