Pumps, Seals and Bushings

Precision Lapping, Grinding, and Polishing Applications

Pumps, Seals and Bushings

Surface Finishes’ High Precision Low-Stress GrindingLapping and Polishing Services provide breakthrough, leak-free performance for pumps, seals and bushings.  Refurbishment services including stripping, coating, finishing and metrology are also available.

Finishing Services for Graphite, Tungsten, Silicon Carbide Seals, Hydraulic Pumps, and more

Typical results of λ/4 flatness, roundness of less than 125 nm and surface roughness (Ra) of less than 0.1 µ-inch.

Processes are designed to work with a wide variety of materials and coatings including Graphite, Tungsten Carbide, Stainless Steel, Silicon Carbide, Hard Chrome, TiN and DLC.

Applications include:

  • Pumps, Seals and Bushings

    Hydraulic Pump Pistons

    Fixed and variable wobbler stator faces for power conversion systems

  • Pistons and cylinders for high pressure pumping systems such as fuel injectors, hydraulic controls and dispensing systems where the volume delivered is critical
  • Mechanical and bearing seals for gas and liquid pumping. Liquid pumping systems include hydraulic, biomedical and industrial applications.  Gas pumping systems include vacuum systems used in industrial and high technology applications and pressurization systems for applications such as gas delivery and aircraft cabin pressure controls
  • Low friction, wear resistant bushings for mechanical support of shafts, gears and rotors
  • Graphite seals for the food processing industry


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