Shafts, Journals and Gear Faces

Shafts, Journals and Gear Faces

When cylindricity, perpendicularity, runout and surface finish are important, Surface Finishes typically meets or exceeds the most demanding specifications. Services include custom fabrication, final finishing and metrology for your high precision applications.

Shafts, Journals and Gear Faces

High Precision Journal

Typical Applications:

  • Matched rollers for coating, part sorting and other applications where the gap distance between the rollers is a critical dimension.
  • Tapered shafts for seating tapered bearings and other applications where O.D., cylindricity, runout and surface finish are all critical parameters.
  • High precision shaft and bearing assemblies where the shaft diameter, cylindricity and runout need to be tightly controlled and closely matched to the bearing assembly.
  • Polished journals where control of the geometry and surface finish are critical to the performance and longevity of the assembly.

Typical Results:

  • Shafts, Journals and Gear Faces

    Precision Gear Faces

    Surface Finishes has the ability to control roundness to less than 0.000005″ (125 nm) and straightness, cylindricity and perpendicularity to less than  0.000010″ (250 nm).

  • If common sizing of parts is required, Surface Finishes can provide this feature to within less than 0.000005″ (125 nm)
  • Surface Finishes also has the ability to control the surface finish including important properties like the bearing ratio to optimize performance.  The optimization takes into account minimizing friction, increasing the lifetime of the assembly and reducing maintenance expenses.


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