Optical Quality Glass

Optical Quality Glass

Surface Finishes provides high precision, optical quality surfaces on a variety of shapes and sizes of optical glass materials.

Optical Quality Glass Polishing

Precision Quartz Cylinder

Typical Optical Glass Materials Include:

  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Fused Silica Glass
  • Polysilicon Glass
  • Pyrex® Glass
  • Quartz Glass
  • Zerodur® Glass
  • Others


Examples of Applications:

  • Imprint Lithography Cylinders
  • Optical Quality Glass Polishing

    Large Lens Fabrication

    Precision Mirrors

  • Optical Reference Surfaces including Optical Flats
  • Sensors and MEMS
  • Optical Windows
  • Optical Flats of Various Shapes and Sizes


Pyrex® is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated.  Zerodur® is a registered trademark of Schott Glass Technologies.


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