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Since 1949, Surface Finishes has pioneered the creation and application of industry-leading precision fabrication technology. Leveraging our Advanced Nanoscale Surface Technology™, our engineering team works closely with customers to improve the performance of your parts and develop new products. This includes cost effective services from prototyping to high volume production. Surface Finishes provides custom design, fabrication and finishing services or will make your parts complete from an engineering drawing.

Precision Lapping


Surface Finishes provides submicron fabrication services utilizing state-of-the-art processes, including:

Precision Lapping

Loose Abrasive Processing on flat and cylindrical surfaces including shoulders, steps, tapers, gaps, slots, counter bores, and external and internal diameters.  Typical applications include reference surfaces and air bearings for inspection systems, microlithography equipment, scientific and medical instruments, and sealing surfaces.  Typical tolerances achieved are 2 microinches flatness, 5 microinches roundness, 10 microinches squareness and parallelism, 2 microinches size, and surface roughness less than 1 microinch.

Optical Quality Polishing

Mirror-Quality Polishing on flat surfaces that are metal, glass or ceramic. Typical applications include optical components for laser scanning and imaging, airborne or space-borne sensors, optical flats and molds for optical surfaces including CD and DVD production. Tolerances achieved are 1 microinch (1/20th wave) flatness, angularity of 0.2 arc seconds, and surface roughness less than 20 angstroms (0.08 microinches).

Low-Stress Grinding

Superabrasives and Flood Coolant used on Surface and Cylindrical Grinders produce accurate, dimensionally-stable components. Typical applications include slitting knives and spacers, special gauges and fixtures, aerospace and nuclear components, and master gears. Tolerances achieved are 5 microinches roundness, 10 microinches straightness, 20 microinches squareness, and surface roughness less than 2.0 microinches.

Precision Honing – Both Large and Small Bore

Custom Large Capacity Horizontal and Special Vertical Honing Machines allow the flexibility to produce highly accurate small bores (+/- 0.001” to 0.002”) and large bores up to 48” diameter and lengths up to 32’ (+/- 0.002” to 0.005”) with surface roughness of less than 4 microinches depending upon the material being processed. Typical applications include pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, barrels for injection molding, reactor vessels, waveguides, and machine tool components.

Single Point Diamond Machining

Single Point Diamond Flycutters use a single crystal diamond tool and high precision air bearing spindle to produce contamination free, cost effective, flat mirror surfaces on soft metals, coatings and plastics. Typical applications include laser mirrors for marking, cutting and welding systems, fold mirrors for optical imaging, and plastic medical components. Tolerances achieved are 5 microinches (1/4 wave) flatness, 50 microinches parallelism, and surface roughness less than 100 angstroms (0.4 microinches).

CMP Technology

Unique, industry-leading Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) technology is combined with high-precision finishing capabilities to yield Angstrom level quality finishes on glass, hard and soft metals, wear-resistant coatings, ceramics and single crystal materials.

Metrology Services

Optical, Mechanical and Capacitance-based metrology is available to certify that the finished parts actually meet dimensional, flatness, angularity and surface roughness specifications.  Metrology work is traceable to NIST standards.  Refurbishment and certification services are also available for optical flats and other reference surfaces and gages.

These technologies are used to finish a variety of materials including metals, coatings, glass, ceramics, polymers and single crystal structures. In addition to fabrication, Surface Finishes offers metrologyrefurbishment and certification services.

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Surface Finishes has operations in Addison and Aurora, Illinois. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cabot Microelectronics Corporation (NASDAQ:CCMP) www.cabotcmp.com, headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. Cabot Microelectronics Corporation is the world’s leading supplier of CMP polishing slurries and growing CMP pad supplier to the semiconductor industry. The company’s products play a critical role in the production of advanced semiconductor devices, enabling the manufacture of smaller, faster and more complex devices by its customers. The company’s mission is to create value by delivering high-performing and innovative solutions that solve our customers’ challenges.


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