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L.J. Walch Company

Engineering Manager

Livermore, CA

On behalf of L.J. Walch Company, I would like to acknowledge the outstanding quality work that we have seen from Surface Finishes. By outstanding I mean the lapping quality that we get from Surface Finishes is far beyond our expectation when we compare Surface Finishes lapping work with other previous vendors we have dealt with through out the years. Surface Finishes lapping work has met and exceeded our inspection requirements.

Thanks for the excellent performance that Surface Finishes are providing and supporting to the L.J. Walch Company and the Aviation industry as a whole.

Hamilton Sundstrand Division

Sr. Analyst, Prod. & Proc. Quality

United Technologies Corporation
Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Following our phone conversation, you expressed an interest to see data that would show how your company has performed on the 3 part numbers that you currently manufacture for HS. The 3 part numbers are 753326-1, 765408-2, and 753391-1. The database used to collect this data is the HS JDE system. The following data is available for review:

  • Part number 753326-1
    • Paperwork revealed that we received 2,486 pieces. This total was for 58 shipments and there was no history of rejects.
  • Part number 765408-2
    • Paperwork revealed that we received 1,978 pieces. This total was for 117 shipments and there was no history of rejects.
  • Part number 753391-1
    • Paperwork revealed that we received 3,620 pieces. This total was for 198 shipments and there was only one reject. MRA 91507 was issued on April 29 for a leaking problem at dynamic test. The notes on this MRA state that the failure was not caused by a surface finish issue. The cause of the failure was assigned to HS.

Therefore your PPMDR (Parts Per Million Defect Rate) is at 0- zero!

I have put together the data printouts for your review and records and have sent them to you via Overnight Delivery (Airborne Express).

You have been a top supplier to HS for many years and we hope that you continue to perform like a top rated supplier for many years to come.

On behalf of the Hamilton Sundstrand Supplier Quality Assurance Department, I would like to commend you and your entire staff at Surface Finishes for your years of defect free performance!

Should you have further questions or concerns concerning your quality ratings please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

TA Instruments Inc.

Sr. Product Engineer

New Castle , Delaware
At TA Instruments we had a need for a highly engineered part that is strong, light and stable to lapped to very tight flatness and parallelism specifications. We contacted thirteen companies who claimed to to specialized low tolerance lapping. None of these companies said they could meet our demands. However, three of these companies referred us to Surface Finishes.

Surface Finishes was more than willing to take on the challenge of finishing our part. With our knowledge of the design requirements and an unfinished part supplied by TA Instruments, Surface Finishes led the way through a lot of interaction and joint cooperation. The final product was a process which is documented and capable of producing parts which meet our demanding requirements. Since production began, Surface Finishes has made many process refinements which have resulted in improved yields, reduced cycle time and lower cost to TA Instruments.

ITT Industries

ITT Aerospace / Communications Division
The demanding requirements of the Aerospace industry require suppliers adhere to the highest tolerance standards. No where is that more true than for earth observing meteorological sensors. Surface Finishes understands these requirements and for the last decade has provided ITT Aerospace / Communications Division the polishing service required for its opto-mechanical hardware that fly aboard NOAA’s GOES weather satellites.

Surface Finishes understands our needs.

SVG Lithography Systems Inc.

The 25th anniversary of the Micralign microlithography product line. SVG Lithography Systems would like to acknowledge Surface Finishes contribution as the supplier of nearly 800 Air Bearing Bar assemblies for the M-500/600/700 Micralign Systems used for integrated circuit manufacturing.

Surface Finishes has also supplied over 300 sets of Horizontal and Vertical Air Bars as well as the large Reticle and Wafer Reference Plates for the new SVGL Micrascan I, II and III.

These ultra precision components, which control machine focus to less than one micron, continue to function flawlessly.

Control Data Limited

Breconshire, South Wales

Please review the enclosed drawing and quote a unit price for 100 p.c. of finished parts.

Also, I would appreciate it if you could review the tolerances assigned to this spacer drawing and determine “technical worthiness” of these assigned tolerances for application in the precision slitting of 1/2″ digital computer and video magnetic tapes. Please relate your comments with the quotation so that I can update this blueprint.

The Best spacers I have used in the past came from your company, Surface Finishes and I need that grade again.

General Precision, Inc.

Link Group

Binghampton, New York

Program Manager

The APTI system is capable of a positioning accuracy of better than one micron over a 10″X10″ area. To obtain this accuracy, lapped surfaces with the flatness of ten millionths of an inch are required.

The very fine work done by your company in lapping these tables has made the attainment of the specified performance possible.


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