High Precision and Low-Stress Grinding

High Precision Grinding, Low-Stress Grinding

Outstanding results on all types of surfaces

Surface Finishes has the facilities and skilled craftsmen to give you the finest results on all types of precision low stress grinding.  We have the capacity to handle a wide range of shapes, tapers, sizes and materials.  Micro inch finishes can be supplied to your specifications; tolerances in the range of 5 to 10 micro inches accuracy for roundness, straightness, cylindricity and common sizing.

Special techniques and equipment enable us to produce quality work quickly and economically.  Advanced metrology and rigid inspection controls ensure uniform quality.  Whether the job is a short run or volume production, you get the best results from Surface Finishes.

Advanced Capabilities


    We specialize in external grinding, where a high degree of accuracy is required dimensionally and geometrically. Our craftsmen are able to accurately maintain roundness, straightness and cylindricity of 5 to 10 micro inches, while yielding a high quality surface finish that meets your specifications.


    Our internal grinding operations produce geometric accuracies in the 5 to 10 micro inches range with high quality surface finishes. We also have the ability to do common sizing work that matches OD’s and ID’s to within 5 micro inches. This capability is essential for applications such as air bearings and fuel injectors where matched fits yield performance advantages. Our tooling can handle parts up to 18 inches in diameter.


    Our surface grinding meets the most critical dimensional, geometric and location requirements. We are experts on thin parts, tapered parts, magnetic and non-magnetic materials.
    We often pair our surface grinding work with lapping and/or polishing operations to meet our customers most stringent requirements for flatness and surface finish.

Precision Grinding External

External Grinding

Precision Grinding Internal

Internal Grinding

Precision Grinding Surface

Surface Grinding


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