Precision Honing

Precision Honing

Outstanding results on all types of surfaces

Surface Finishes’ honing techniques, developed and used in our plant, enable us to produce micro-finishes that provide unmatched quality and accuracy.  Master craftsmen, skilled in all phases of surface finishing, give you a high degree of honing perfection to meet your most demanding specifications.  We can work all types of surfaces, metallic or non-metallic, hard or soft, coated or uncoated, simple or complex.

Results you can rely on

Our work is completed precisely to your specifications.  Dimensions and tolerances are held to desired accuracies.  Finish is uniform regardless of quantity.  Save time and trouble, get better results, have your honing done by Surface Finishes.

Advanced Capabilities

    Precision Honing

    Internal Honing

    Internal surfaces are given a micro-inch finish and are extremely precise dimensionally and geometrically.  We provide through-hole and blind-hole honing.  Our facilities are equipped with complete metrology and inspection capabilities.  We can achieve tolerances of +/- 0.001 to 0.005 inches depending upon the size of the part.


    On external honing, super-finishes of less than 1 micro inch can be achieved.  Many types of materials are within our service scope.  Quality and uniformity are unparalleled.  Maximum size, 16 inches in outside diameter.

    Precision Honing

    Flat Honing & Lapping

    On flat honing, accuracies equivalent to commercial lapping tolerances can be held.  An important feature of our honing technique is freedom from charge accumulation on soft parts.


    Our service is not restricted to small diameters.  We can accurately hone holes from 3/4 inch up to 48 inches in diameter and 14 feet in length.  Specially designed heavy duty equipment enables us to handle unwieldy work up to 6,000 lbs. in weight.  Contact Surface Finishes when you need large bore, through-hole or blind-hole honing.


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