Single Point Diamond Machining

Single Point Diamond Machining

Precision Diamond Machining with Outstanding results on a variety of soft materials

Surface Finishes’ single-point diamond fly cutting machines are custom designed to produce accurate and precisely controlled flat surfaces and geometries involving combinations of flat surfaces. Our specialty machines are well suited for applications such as heat sinks, lithography reticle transfer cases and precision mirrors.

The precision mirrors we produce come in a variety of configurations ranging from large area planar mirrors for beam steering and positioning systems to multi-faceted spin mirrors for defense and aerospace applications.

If your applications require a low scatter mirror, we offer our ScatterStop™ polishing technology which delivers single Angstrom level surface finishes on materials such as SiC, molybdenum, aluminum and copper.

Advanced Capabilities

    Precision Diamond Machining - Spin Mirrors

    Spin Mirrors

    When flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity and surface finish are all critical parameters for your precision mirror applications our fly cutting process will meet or exceed your expectations.


    Our fly cutting process typically yields flatness on the order of λ/4 (6 micro inches) and perpendicularity of less than 50 micro inches. We can accommodate parts up to 11-3/4 X 11-3/4 inches in size.

    Precision Diamond Machining - Surface Roughness

    Surface Roughness

    The typical surface roughness yielded by our fly cutting process is 50-100 Å Ra. If a higher reflectivity, protected or smoother surface is required, we can often follow up the fly cutting process with an optical coating and or polishing process.


    Our fly cutting process is used in applications where flatness, perpendicularity and angularity are critical. Examples include scan mirrors, IR optics, reticle transfer cases heat sinks, and precision knives.

    Precision Diamond Machining - Suitable Materials

    Suitable Materials

    Single-point diamond machining is effective on relatively soft metals, plastics and alloys. Examples of suitable materials include aluminum, copper, electroless nickel ABS, PVC, plexi acrylic, phenolic sheet and alloys such as brass and CuCrZn.


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