Precision Mirrors Case Study

Case Study:

Advanced Nanoscale Surface Technology™ Applied to Produce ScatterStop™ Al Mirrors


  • 1″ to 6″ plano mirrors, 90% CA
    • Round, elliptical, rectangular
    • Larger sizes on case-by-case basis
  • Components made to order
  • High precision finishing services also available


  • < 20 Å rms on monolithic 6061-T6 Al
    • Other alloys on case-by-case basis
  • Isotropic surface
  • Better than λ/10 rms surface figure
SPDT_Al Scatterstop

Typical Diamond Turned Al Mirror

77.7 Å rms finish

ScatterStop Al Mirror

5.3 Å rms finish


  • ScatterStop reduces errors across spatial frequencies
  • Comparable performance to Al on glass without the issues of weight and mounting complexity
  • Better performance than Ni on Al without the bimetallic effects
  • Superior performance compared to traditional single point diamond turned Al
  • Higher reflectance of Al
  • Use 6061-T6 Al for VIS and UV applications
  • Eliminate bimetallic stresses from CTE mismatches

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