Newton Interferometers

Cartrilamp – Newton Interferometer

A multi-purpose, portable Newton Interferometer for your quality lab or shop floor

The Cartrilamp™ system is the perfect tool for fast, accurate in process flatness measurements on the shop floor or even to meet your final inspection metrology needs.  The product is based on the principle of optical interference generating fringe patterns when a test part placed in direct contact with a reference surface.  The shape of the fringe pattern indicates the surface contours of the test part.  In this system the reference surface is a precision optical flat.

Measuring Flatness with the Cartrilamp

Advanced Capabilities


    Quickly shows flatness accuracy to millionths of an inch leading to speedy inspections, increased efficiencies, and simplified quality control. Designed for use in quality labs or on shop floors.
    The Cartrilamp is self-contained in a rugged carrying case, specifically designed for safety and ease of handling. To transport, remove the Cartriflat™, close the lid, fasten the latches and carry by the handles. The Cartriflat is carried in a separate cushioned case designed to protect its precision surfaces.


    The surface of the Cartriflat can be specially coated with an exclusive high-efficiency Cartricoating™ to increase reflectivity and enhance the contrast between light and dark bands. As a result, interference bands appear brilliant and sharp. The bands are easily read without eye strain, even on dull-lapped parts such as brass and soft steel. A large bright working field eliminates the necessity of exact placement of the work, no jockeying of parts, no lamp adjustments. The easy-to-read viewing mirror is located inside the cabinet, shielded from glare and stray light. The Cartrilamp tool measures surface flatness accuracies of less than 5 micro inches.


    The large 12 inch diameter of the Cartriflat permits many parts to be placed on it and inspected at the same time. This 12 inch Cartriflat does the work of smaller optical flats, thus eliminating switching to smaller flats for checking smaller parts.


    This feature provides dual functionality of being able to remove the monochromatic light source and observe the light bands by shining the light through an optical flat placed directly on the part to be measured. The Cartrilamp is the equivalent of two metrology tools in one.


    While the Cartrilamp is designed for use with a 12 inch optical flat it can also be used with flats as small as 8 inches in diameter. Cartriflats with the high contrast Cartricoating are available for purchase. If you prefer to use your own existing optical flat, we provide refurbishment, coating and recertification services traceable to NIST standards. We also supply custom optical flats designed to meet your specific needs.

Measuring Flatness with the Cartrilamp

Cartrilamp Chart

Please contact our team for more information for more information about purchasing or using the Cartrilamp™ to meet your flatness measurement needs.


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