Optical Reference Surfaces

Optical Reference Surfaces

Standard and Custom Shapes and Sizes Available

Surface Finishes offers a full line of standard and custom optical flats and prisms for your precision measurement needs.

Whether you need a low-cost option like borosilicate glass for your production environment or a high-quality material like Quartz or Zerodur for high precision measurements and final QC, we can help you.

Advanced Capabilities

Precision Quartz Cylinder

Precision Quartz Cylinder

Extensive capabilities and experience with very large, small, cylindrical and flat surfaces.


  • Precision Lapping and Polishing Services
  • Custom Optical Flats for Sale, λ/10 up to 16″ Diameter
  • High Precision Reference Cubes
  • Large Reference Surfaces, up to 1 m2
  • Reconditioning Services with NIST Traceable Certification
  • Materials of Construction Include:  Zerodur®, Quartz, SiC, Pyrex®, Fused Silica, Silicon and Others

Resulting Benefits:

  • Precision Optical Polishing

    Optical Flats

    Global Flatness

  • Dimensional Tolerance Control
  • No Subsurface Damage


Manufacturing, finishing, refurbishment and certification of optical flats and other high precision optical reference surfaces.  Standard product configurations and custom designs available to meet your most challenging needs.  Products available in a variety of materials including optical glasses, ceramics, metals and composites.


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