Precision Mirrors

Precision Mirrors

Round and Elliptical Mirrors

Superior Performance Compared to Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT)


  • Non-metals — SiC, Coated Glass
  • Metals — Mo, Nb, W, Cu, SS, Si, Cu-W, Mo-Cu, Au-Cu, Al, Glidcop®
  • Other
  • High reflectivity and protective optical coatings available


  • Various Interferometric and Positioning Mirrors

    Infrared (IR) Imaging

  • Remote Sensing
  • Airborne and Spaceborne Surveillance
  • Targeting
  • Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Laser Marking and Cutting
  • Other

Click here to view: Case Study –  Advanced Nanoscale Surface Technology™ Applied to Al Mirrors

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Glidcop® is the registered trademark name of North American Hoganas, Inc.


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